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     Welcome to Pennsylvania Bus Sales, Inc.
At PENNSYLVANIA BUS SALES, Inc. we believe that financial service means working diligently to get our customers the best financing packages available in the industry.

For school bus contractors and/or school districts fleets this may mean structuring a multi-year fleet management plan, fleet lease, or purchase plans that may include our appraisal services. We look forward to being your long-term partner in solving your financial need in your next purchase or lease.

For smaller owner operators, we can offer 100% financing, very attractive leasing options, rentals, buy-back programs, and loaner buses also.

We tailor our municipal leases purchasing to your budgetary challenges!

Our financing packages include very low and attractive fixed rates of interest with no prepayment penalties for early buy-out.

Whether your need is for competitive factory financing, creative small business financing, or long term fleet management financing, we welcome the opportunity to challenge our many sources of financing to make the right deal for you.

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